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エピソードタイトル: CAN FOOD Restaurant Tokyo (MrKanso) - Eric Meal Time #498
によって生産: Ericsurf6
説明: Japan seemingly prides itself on its eccentricity. With countless numbers of fanatical subcultures, it should come as little surprise that one of the latest crazes to hit the Japanese foodie scene is gourmet canned foods. When most people think of canned goods, they picture tuna fish or sardines sitting unused in kitchen cabinets around the world. Japan however has turned this concept on its head; canning everything from octopus dumplings to wild boar meat. Taking the concept even further, canned food bars and restaurants have been on the rise throughout the country; finding everything from drinks to appetizers served exclusively from cans! ---------- 0:00 Intro & Restaurant Atmosphere 1:15 Guinness Draft Beer $6 1:34 Chinese Pork Stew $6 2:20 Chicken & Potato in Herbs $4.50 2:36 Seafood Paella $6 3:07 Wild Boar Meat in Teriyaki Sauce $9 3:37 Seal Meat in Sweet Sauce $9 4:03 Takoyaki Octopus Dumplings $5 Info on MrKanso canned food bar & restaurant w/many locations throughout Japan: ---------- ►Subscribe for New Videos Wednesday & Saturday: ---------- ►Join Team Get Some: - See the reward levels for your Support. Thanks to ALL Patrons for your support & special thanks to Johnny Cearley. ----------- ►T-Shirts: ►Paypal donations: Follow me / Friend me: ►Instagram: ►Facebook: ---------- Ericsurf6 Channel: Check Playlists of WHAT YOU MAY LIKE: ►ERIC MEAL TIME: ►JAPAN FOOD VENDING MACHINES: ►ERIC VLOG TIME: ►ERIC CHALLENGE TIME: ►GUY-IN-A-SUIT SEASON 2: ►JAPAN FOODS: ►WORLD FOODS: ►MEALS w/MY SONS: ►ASK ERICSURF6 (Q&A): ---------- Editing by TheAndySan ----------




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