How to Eat Super Poisonous Pufferfish AND NOT DIE

We flew out to Yamaguchi, rented a car, and went on a roadtrip to the Fugu capital of Japan. Amongst our journey we tried super poisonous pufferfish (also known as Blowfish or in Japanese, Fugu) prepared in many different ways. If it’s not prepared correctly, you will be paralyzed from the poison until you suffocate to death...people in Japan have died before from incorrectly prepared Fugu. What's Fugu taste like? How do you eat it? We'd love to show you in this week's video! We’re also introducing our friend Yohei, who is a super cool dude, a great photographer, chef, snowboarder, surfer, and he lives in an amazing van. We’re shooting a mini-documentary on him because he’s so interesting. Stay tuned for that. Till then, check out his Instagram: ☞ If you want to see more videos of us traveling around Japan, check out this playlist: ☞ If you like videos like this, subscribe for more videos! ☞ Like what we’re doing and want to show your support? 🌈 Join the Rainbow Ladder Support Team! ☞ ☞ ☞ For more information about this video check out: ☞ Get cozy in our hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and more ☞ #fugu #yamaguchi #japanesefood

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