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説明: Check out Goosehill Sports: Use Promo code Eric10 for 10% off. Paddleboards are so much fun and great exercise. ---------- Product Info/ Specs: Model: Rainbow R Net Weight: 20.5lbs/9.3kg Board Size: 320*81*15 cm (10'6''*32''*6'') Max.Payload: 551lbs/250kg Volume: 300L Max.Air Pressure: 27PSI Features: 1. We use the Super Construction Enhancement Technology to laminate and blend the traditional single layer board with an enhanced layer on each side to create a new layer which, compared with a double layer board, is just as stiff and durable but thinner and lighter. A stand-up paddle board constructed with the SCE Technology is as lightweight, easy-to-transport as a single-layer board but also as strong and durable as a double-layer board. With drop-stitch construction, the two layers are held together firmly and able to withstand high pressure when needed. 2.The Heat-fusion technology we use can help melt necessary parts into the surface of the board. It can create a firm connection between the parts and the board throughout its lifespan and eliminate the gluing process to cut down the cost. ----------- ►Subscribe for New Videos Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday: ---------- ►Join Team Get Some: - See the reward levels for your Support. Thanks to ALL Patrons for your support & special thanks to Johnny Cearley. ---------- ✧Upload Schedule - 3 times a week: ✧Eric Meal Time: Wednesday & Saturday ✧Eric Vlog Time: Monday ---------- Follow me / Friend me: ►Instagram: ►Facebook: ---------- Ericsurf6 Channel: Check Playlists of WHAT YOU MAY LIKE: ►ERIC MEAL TIME: ►ERIC VLOG TIME: ►ERIC CHALLENGE TIME: ►GUY-IN-A-SUIT SEASON 2: ►JAPAN FOODS: ►WORLD FOODS: ►MEALS w/MY SONS: ►ASK ERICSURF6 (Q&A): ----------




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