TL;DR on How to Use a Japanese Toilet/Washlet

エピソードタイトル: TL;DR on How to Use a Japanese Toilet/Washlet
によって生産: Simon and Martina
説明: For this week's video, we're going to tell you how to use a Japanese Toilet/Washlet. Look, we've had some friends visit us and they were mighty confused by it all, and we see lots of instructions in public toilets, so we figured we'd do a video to explain it in more depth, so that when you get to Japan, you feel confident to spray your butt. You're welcome. Subscribe for more videos: ☞ Like what we’re doing? Want to show your support? 🌈 Join the Rainbow Ladder Support Team! ☞ ☞ ☞ Get cozy in our hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and more ☞ BABY WHEN YOU MOVE YOUR BODAY! Like our music? Get it here: ☞ #howto #tokyo #japan




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