Reminder! New Channel MC WANTED!

エピソードタイトル: Reminder! New Channel MC WANTED!
説明: In "WAO-RYU! Only in Japan "channel, John Daub will not be uploading any more new content on to the channel. We discussed for a long time to try to find a way to positively continue the channel together but there was a difference in the direction that we both wanted to take the channel to. So, he decided to go in his own direction. We wish him success with his new channel John Daub *Only in Japan “WAO RYU! ONLY in JAPAN” has decided to renew the channel and will hold an audition to bring in a new main host to the channel! We are auditioning from our wide viewers around the world whom will be willing to make a buzz in Japan. ■Deadline July 31 2020(Fri)23:59 JST ■How many? Multiple ■ Who we are looking for 1) All ages, all gender(Minors require consent from their guardians) 2) If the below requirements are met, no limits on pros or amateurs  ・Has a passport with expiration date longer than 1 year  ・Has resident's card with current address listed   (Visa support and terms of stay could be discussed)  ・Native level English conversation  ・High Japanese writing and speaking level is not required,   but preferably a basic communication level in Japanese 3) Does not belong to certain agencies or production companies (Once becoming the main host, an extensive amount of hours will be spent on creating the channel) 4) Groups or Individuals (Your face must be shown on the channel) 5) Past experience as a professional creator is not required. However, experience in creating and releasing videos is required ★ Please apply through the application page below. URL: ・Prepare a self-promotion video for about a minute. ・Upload it to your vimeo or YouTube channel (or already published one) and attach its URL. What is WAO Agency? WAO Corporation




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