The Beauty Of Solo Travel | Only In Japan

エピソードタイトル: The Beauty Of Solo Travel | Only In Japan
説明: 【Audition Entry #1-2】 Solo travel in Japan is like little else I've ever experienced. I used to hate traveling in the past. It meant busy roads, lots of traffic, loud horns, and many angry people. In Japan it's something closer to sailing. Come with me as I journey from the countryside of Japan to the beautiful city of Kyoto to take part in a singularly unique artistic experience in a restored traditional Japanese home. Dave's Social Media LINKS: Instagram - @davetrippinon Facebook Page - DaveTrippin YouTube Channel: DaveTrippin *The new channel MC audition for WAO-RYU! ONLY in JAPAN is now in the final stage. Out of more than 200 applicants, 4 finalists were selected through interviews in the second screening.We asked them to produce 2 videos with a budget of 100,000 yen. The theme of the videos is "BENRI(便利)“ in Japan. BENRI does not only mean convenience, but also has a wide range of meanings such as "useful" and "helpful" things, materials, facilities, location etc... What does "BENRI" mean to our finalist? Please look forward to their interpretation of Benri, and how they have put a lot of planning to show and create their full potential on the theme. *Entry number is in order of their audition entry.




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