REAL Japan Curry Must-Know Facts! Everything you need to know.

エピソードタイトル: REAL Japan Curry Must-Know Facts! Everything you need to know.
によって生産: Ask Japanese
説明: Love Japanese curry? Have you been eating curry wrong the whole time? Come and learn a whole new world of Japanese curry and be surprised about all the different types of curry in Japan at Mojiko port in Kyushuu. (^ω^)Click to Subscribe! (^ω-)Please watch these too! Shimonoseki videos! (ΦωΦ) CathyCat's YouTube: CathyCat's Twitch: CathyCat's Instagram: (●ↀωↀ●)✧ Ask Japanese is interviewing Japanese and foreigners in Japan about life in Japan, dating Japanese, travel tips, tasty foods, anime, manga and more. Through our interviews, we try to bring Japanese culture to the world! (=✧ω✧=) If you plan to travel or live in Japan, we feature many topics about life in Japan and where to travel to. We ask Japanese girls, boys and elders to give you a glimpse at what Japan is really like. Our reporter and YouTuber Cathy Cat interviews people in Japanese, English and sometimes German! Thank you for watching and please leave your comments on this video! (=*ω*=) For business or collaboration inquiries, contact us! We are looking forward to working with you! SUBTITLES are available!! Please click the settings and activate your subtitles!! #japaneseculture #lifeinjapan #traveljapan




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