ULTRAMAN ACE Ep 38 "Resurrection! Father of Ultra" -Official-

ULTRAMAN ACE Ep 38 "Resurrection! Father of Ultra" -Official-
【subscribe】→ http://m-78.jp/ultrach/ Official Global HP: https://en.tsuburaya-prod.co.jp/ Official English Platform: https://ultramanconnection.com Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tsuburayaglobal/ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/tsuburayaglobal 『ウルトラマンA』第38話「復活!ウルトラの父」 ★STORY↓ On Christmas night, a Namahage that detests foreign culture summons a terrible-monster as a punishment to the people. Many people lose their vision from the mysterious beams emitted by Terrible-Monster Snowgiran. Hokuto finds the Santa Claus visiting the orphanage suspicious, but the Santa turns out to be...

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